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Top Five Incredible Moments - Episode 1!
Check out this month's Top Five Incredible Moments. This month's episode features high speed longboarding, wingsuit flying and much more!

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Crusoe's 20 Best HOMEMADE Dog Costumes
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, best known for his wacky homemade outfits compiles his top 20 best homemade dog costumes to perhaps give you some inspiration for a Halloween dog costume, or just for a laugh!

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The Flight Of Silver Bird - Amazing Band  ( Flute Drums & Bagpipes )
The Flight Of Silver Bird Amazing Band By Flutes Drums Bagpipes From The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2017

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Cute Baby Squirrel On The Trail - Very Worried Mother!
Mother Red Squirrel's warning call is amazing! A tiny Red Squirrel kitten is sitting right in the middle of the trail to Mt Leconte in the Great Smoky Mountains. Way too young to be out and about by itself and mother squirrel is extremely upset and concerned giving the most emphatic warning call I've ever heard - and I've heard alot. Just about any other four legged creature or bird could have this little one for breakfast. Squirrel kittens are so trusting and accepting of strangers - remember just because you find one alone does not mean mother is not around or coming back. Of course in the wild like a National Park you never handle an animal, but in your backyard or a local park wait an hour or two before you remove a seemingly abandoned baby squirrel to a shelter. Mom may be hiding and waiting for you to leave.

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Rare Findings That Made People Instantly Rich
Those people you see combing the beach with metal detectors, or guesting on Antique Roadshow, may claim to have an interest in old coins or collectibles. Let's face it though - they're secretly hoping to get rich. But ancient treasure and rare valuables are found through sheer accident or happenstance as often as they are dug up, traded or bartered for. Here are 5 of the most incredible treasures ever discovered by accident. Let's begin!

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