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Easter Egg Surprise for Dad - Trick Shots
I don't think your parents will mind if you try these trick shots at home during Easter holidays. (All trick shots are real as usual. No camera tricks or vfx)

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La La Land Mia & Sebastian's Theme Guitar Cover
Filmed during yesterday's blizzard w/ Maple. This song brought me to tears when watching the film and I knew I had to cover it on the guitar.

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Puppies and Kittens Discovering Toilet Paper Compilation
There is something about toilet paper that makes puppies and kittens all over the world so crazy about it.

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Zac Brown Band - My Old Man
The song is a ballad about Zac Brown's own father, and the lifestyle examples set by him. It features "the band's harmony-heavy vocals, which drive forward a scaled-back arrangement of unplugged guitar, fiddle and light strings". In the song's first verse, the narrator reflects on his own childhood, while the second focuses on the narrator's adulthood, and the third "reveals that his father is hearing this tribute from heaven, not earth.

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Cats : Waiter Please!!
Two funny cats know how to ring the bell to order food.
Added: 2nd April 2017
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Tags Cat Cute Animal Pet Food Restaurant Relax Happy Funny Joke Cats Home Lifestyle Human

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