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The Moron Brothers -  Local Preacher's Fellowship
Kentucky Storytellers, The Moron Brothers share the information they received on the most recent town Preacher's Meeting. It Hilarious!

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The most beautiful version of Hallelujah you have ever heard.
A pianist and violinist, each equally adept in the classical and popular styles, combine their musicianship, versatility, passion, and talents at on-the-spot improvisations.

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Nice Cats Video Compilation
From cats giving warm hugs, or cute cats giving dogs kisses, to cats taking care of ducklings, these are just a few of the nice cats you'll find in this adorable, nice cats video compilation.

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Canada lynx absolutely loves being brushed
Max, the animal ambassador, gets a morning brushing from his caretaker. As you can see from the handful of fur off to the side, he has been shedding his winter coat, which started in early March. He's really enjoying the brushing!

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Stray dog gets hit by a car. Luckily, someone called Hope For Paws to help.
Hope For Paws received a call abut a Pit Bull who had been hit by a car. Sonja Flores saw the dog get hit and stayed with her until HFP arrived. The dog had taken shelter under another vehicle and as anextra precaution, Lisa Arturo was asked to use her gentle snare to help get the dog out. Once they get her out, she's standing, and that's good... watch the video to see this beautiful rescue. If you have questions for her or if you would like to fill an adoption application, please contact her directly:
Added: 5th February 2017
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