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Puppies Trying to Stay Awake Compilation
These puppies are so sleepy and tired, and just can't stay awake. It looks like being a cute little puppy is an exhausting job.

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Wolf Pack Hunts A Hare - Sir David Attenborough
GRAPHIC! A diet of Leverett's will not be enough to sustain a growing pup or feed an entire Wolf pack, so bigger prey is needed. The problem is bigger prey like the Hare are incredibly agile and can run up to speeds of 60 km per hour ( Approximately 37 mph ). If this Wolf pack are not going to go hungry, they will need to hunt as a unit.

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MOST Astoundingly Smart Animals
Everyone may claim that their dog is "the smartest dog in the world", and they all could be right about that. But some of these animal's intelligence will come to you as a refreshing surprise.

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Guilty Corgi Dog
Lexi the cute corgi has dug up the grass and is feeling pretty guilty about it all.
Added: 27th June 2017
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INSANE Roller Coasters Around the World
With summer officially here, it's time to get out there and have an adventure. What better way to get your adrenaline fix this season than by testing your courage with these thrilling roller coasters?

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