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Hilarious Dogs Making Funny Noises Compilation (2017)
Funny Dogs Making Weird and Funny Noises! Dogs making funny noises. Dogs with funny barks. Try not to laugh!

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The Cotton-Top Tamarin Hangs On for Survival
This little lady is a cotton-top tamarin at Boise Zoo. With the stocky build of something out of the Gremlins and the smooth locks of the frontman of an 80s hair band, she quite the stunner. At under a foot in length, cotton-top tamarins are some of the smallest primates in the world. Found deep in the forests of northwest Colombia, these guys are at turns altruistic and spiteful, known for their aggressive behavior between groups. Sadly rapid deforestation has seen their wild population drop by 80 percent over the past three generations.

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Breed All About It! | Cute Dachshund Videos
This is why I love dachshunds! Their tiny legs and adorable faces are all I need to put a smile on my face! Check out these cute dachshund videos.

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People are Awesome - Best Videos of the Month! (September 2017)
There's still a lot of awesome in the world! We've got basketball and soccer trick shots, freestyle skating, hooping, fitness and strength training, jump rope fitness, and a cyclist conquering Lion's Back!

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