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Talking dog engages in hilarious conversation
Charlie wants to have a little chat with his owner, but it's hard to make out what he's trying to say! What do you think he is speaking about? Let us know!
Added: 23rd June 2016
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Andre Rieu - Welcome to My World: Episode 4 - The Veterans Concert (Clip 3 of 5)
In the 4th episode of Andre Rieu's "Welcome to my World" Andre invites over 3000 veterans to join him on the Vrijthof to celebrate Armed Forces Day. He meets the ‘forces sweetheart’ Dame Vera Lynn and opens his heart about how the war impacted his own family.

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Puppy hilariously explores DIY dog treat dispenser
These dog owners are always looking for ways to entertain and challenge their Golden Retriever puppies. This was a quick and easy DIY project that was clearly
Added: 23rd June 2016
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