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Guilty puppy gives herself away
When asked who dug the hole outside, it becomes painfully clear which of these two dogs are guilty of the crime. She just can't hide her guilt!
Added: 5th October 2016
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Cute Babies Blowing Kisses Compilation 2016
Adorable babies showing their love by blowing kisses! The way they mimic a blown kiss will melt your heart!

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4 Foot Long Samson Is New York's Biggest Cat!
MEET Samson, New York's biggest cat - weighing 28 pounds and measuring an incredible four foot in length. The hulking feline is chauffeured around in his very own super-size carriage and spends his down time playing fetch - just like a dog. The four-year-old Maine Coon breed has now reached celebrity status due to his impressive stature - and has amassed over 104,000 followers on Instagram. The insatiable kitty eats six cans of food a day to feed his massive appetite. Oh, and he helps his human get lots of dates!!

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Wagon Wheel (Song of The South) - Old Crowe Medicine Show and Alabama [Home Free Medley]
Get our new album, COUNTRY EVOLUTION, on iTunes: See us perform this song LIVE on TOUR!

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Raccoon Ruckus
These 3 raccoons are finishing up their inside rehab at the Florida Wildlife Hospital. They were orphaned as babies, and shortly, they will be moved to a bigger, outside enclosure. Eventually they will be released back to the wild. However, while still inside, their "condo" is home, and after cleaning every morning, they go crazy with fresh newspaper, here's an example why I love being a wildlife rehab volunteer!
Added: 4th October 2016
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