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Capybara adorably munches on celery stick
Have you ever witnessed a capybara eating before? This cute little creature enjoys a healthy snack as it preciously chews on a stick of celery.
Added: 6th August 2016
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Rescued Baby Goats Can't Get Enough Attention From Their New Family
These rescued baby goats are the KINGS of their new house. Video by: Keren Aronoff Masser You can keep up with Dylan and Dustin the rescued baby goats ...

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10 Crazy Cockatoos Who Just Wanna Have Fun
You won't believe just how much fun these crazy cockatoos can be! These guys love to dance, sing, and even cause some mischief! Don't believe us? Just you
Added: 6th August 2016
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Norah Jones - Carry On - Vocal and Piano
'Carry On' is the first single from Norah's new album Day Breaks coming October 7th.
Added: 6th August 2016
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Dog Rescued From Serious Neglect Thriving In New Home
Piper is an older white terrier mix who was rescued from a neglect situation in Ohio along with 147 dogs and 18 cats. She had fleas and three types of intestinal parasites. She was found emaciated and having trouble walking. With the help of the Animal Rescue Team, the shelter, and now her forever home with her new Mom Julie and she is thriving and doing so well!

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