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Marble Mountain, a themed marble machine
Marble Mountain is a large marble machine still under construction. It consists of 25 sections that mesh together to form one kinetic sculpture. Every element is themed (or will be upon completion). Some of the elements include a roller coaster, ski jump, Times Square, Lombard Street, and a skatepark. It took 3 years to get to this point of being able to turn it on and watch it go.

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Water-loving Westie dances for more
It's hard to get the car washed when your dog is absolutely obsessed with water! Check out Christy the Westie chase the shooting water from the hose non-stop.
Added: 12th April 2016
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Lamb Gets Out Of One Mess And Into Another
Just when he thought he was in the clear ... Video by: Hayden Hoyl

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Unusual Horses: Bashkir Curly
This beautiful breed has it all: intelligence, temperament, stamina and an unmistakable coat, which just so happens to be hypoallergenic.

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Goats on Teeter Totters - Compilation
Goats are just too funny! They love to test and explore everything, and teeter totters (or seesaws) are one of their favorite playground tools.

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