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Where Dollars Die (and are Reborn)
Turns out, your old cash has a very green afterlife. When money gets too old and worn out for circulation, it gets sent back to the Federal Reserve to be shred and turned into … compost? Yep. Million-dollar compost. Money may not grow on trees, but trees can grow from money.

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Cats and Dogs Hate Taking Baths Compilation
If you thought little kids were difficult to take a bath, wait until you see this compilation of home videos of cats, dogs and other pets getting down and dirty.

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Hey Bear!
Trash bear in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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Golden Retriever goes crazy for yoga ball!
Jasper the Golden Retriever has some impressive soccer skills! Think you could top those moves? Filmed in Webster, New York.
Added: 20th June 2016
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