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Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner
Instead of feeding his cat, Benjamin Milliam hides balls around the house for "Monkey" to find... and trade for food. Milliam came up with a very cool system that not only gets his cat fed but also sharpens his hunting skills and gives the cat some good exercise. It took a LOT of time to train Monkey but now the cat knows just what to do to get the food! ( Try to ignore the computer keyboard, if you can ).

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Clumsy Puppies Compilation
Clumsy Puppies Compilation If you are in a bad mood, watch these cute clumsy puppies, and they will make your day better for sure! Enjoy! Rate, Share & Enjoy ...

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Is this the laziest puppy ever? You won't believe what her owner manages to capture on camera!
Cocoa is playing fetch, but her heart may not be into it. Watch her slowly walk over to the ball, pick it up, and then slowly trot back. Too funny!
Added: 1st August 2016
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Passion Pit - Take a Walk ft. Maple on the drums
Maple's the best little drummer sidekick a musician could ever ask for :)

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Gorilla Baby Trying To Get A Reaction From The Big Silverback
Occurred on June 5, 2016 /Twycross Zoo, Atherstone, England
Added: 1st August 2016
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