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Riding In Jim's 1956 Corvette
It's been a while since I made a video at Automobile Driving Museum since that I'm now volunteering as a new docent at the museum for the driving program. Anyways, here I go for a ride in Jim's 1956 Corvette.
Added: 23rd April 2018
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Earth Is Awesome | Earth Day 2018
It's International Earth Day! Get outside and enjoy all the awesome around you!

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Man Rescues Street Dog on Road Trip And Takes Her on a Wild Adventure - ALASKA
Rescue Dog Makes Epic Road Trip With Her Family | When this guy found a puppy on the street in Peru, he brought her along in his van and spent the last 6 YEARS traveling to beautiful places and making memories with her.

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Ladyva - Boogie Woogie
Ladyva performing Boogie Woogie at the Philharmonic live @ Jools Hollands annual Boogie Woogie Dinner at Boisdale Canary Wharf in London with special guest "Dr. House" alias Hugh Laurie enjoying himself in the front row. :) On the drums the great Gilson Lavis.

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Goats in sweaters practice their hops!
Still cold in Maine, but we hear spring weather is coming this week. For now we are keeping all the new kids warm with heat lamps and sweaters! We are about halfway through our kidding season. Looks like three will kid today! Our little cow goat Jed was slow this morning but is hoping tonight!
Added: 23rd April 2018
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