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Best Videos of the Week - People Are Awesome
This week's episode features everything from skateboarding and windsurfing to wingsuit flying and a yoga ball surfing world record!

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Stray Feral Cat Becomes An Adventure Cat - TUNA
Stray Feral Cat Becomes An Adventure Cat | No one thought this feral cat could be adopted - but her mom knew exactly what she needed to be happy.

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STRANGE Mysteries Discovered
Our world is an incredible place, a place where incredible things happen and incredible mysteries persist. This is a list of things that perplex and boggle, things that may one day be solved, but as of right now, they remain to make the most brilliant of minds scratch their heads in wonder. Join me as I take you down a road of the most complex and mysterious brain-bogglers out there.

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Funny Dogs Talking Back Compilation (2018)
Dogs barking and talking back to their owners. Funny dogs argue and talk back to their humans! Dogs talking back are so funny and cute!

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Jamie Wilson - Ain't No Grave
All songs are single takes with no overdubs and all heart. For more on the full Southern Gospel Revival series go check out: The Players: Courtney Patton Drew Kennedy... Ain't No Grave (also known as Gonna Hold This Body Down) is a traditional American gospel song attributed to Claude Ely (1922-1978) of Virginia. Claude Ely describes composing the song while sick with tuberculosis in 1934 when he was twelve years old. His family prayed for his health, and in response he spontaneously performed this song. Many notable artists have performed the song, including Johnny Cash on the posthumous album American VI: Ain't No Grave. Today we get to hear Jamie Wilson's version.
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