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Wombat's Birthday Party crashed by Butterfly
It's not every day a girl gets to celebrate turning 6 years old, so, Zoo Keepers at Symbio Wildlife Park, south of Sydney, treated their adorable Wombat, 'Millie', to a very special birthday treat. Zoo Keepers made Millie a delicious sweet potato mash cake and lovingly decorated it in freshly picked Australian native flowers and gum leaves. Millie wasn't the only one who took a fancy to this gorgeous cake, with a random party crasher in the shape of the Butterfly deciding to join in the celebrations early. In the video which was posted to the Wildlife Park's Facebook page this morning, you can see Millie waddle over and start interacting with her birthday guest, however that was short lived as her attention quickly turned to devouring the cake.

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Whale Rescued From Fishing Net Thanks Rescuers In THE BEST Way | The Dodo
Whale Saved From Fishing Net Thanks Rescuers | People chased this whale for hours to save him from a fishing net and when he realized he was free, he thanked them in the BEST way

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Mess of a Blues LADYVA
Ladyva with a Piano Interpretation of Elvis Presley's "Mess of a Blues" at the Blues Festival Basel in Switzerland.

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Fox Village in Miyagi Zao (Shiroishi, Japan) The Fluffiest Place on Earth!
Seeing about a hundred of adorable free-roaming foxes up close was AMAZING! Japan's Miyagi Zao Fox Village might just be the fluffiest place on Earth!

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Super easy and useful kitchen tips just for you! How to peel off vegetables safely and quickly, check if eggs are boiled, open bottle lids with paper and many more hacks!

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