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Cockatoos Make Tools from Different Materials
Researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and the University of Oxford report that Goffin cockatoos can make and use elongated- tools of appropriate shape and length out of amorphous materials, suggesting that the birds can anticipate how the tools will be used.
Added: 28th November 2016
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This massive 11,000 domino coliseums is the biggest 3D domino structure I have ever built! 4 days to build, but less than 10 seconds to topple. This is a sponsored video I produced for Infosys to promote their brand message "Be More", which is about human imagination. Their message lines up exactly with what I do using dominoes, so it was really the perfect company to work with.

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Marc Macglashan - Old Ebenezer Scrooge
Steve Gilchrist repaired this once broken F-5 Master Model and it is a beautiful sounding instrument worthy of the Lloyd Loar moniker. Though not for sale we had to showcase this pivotal instrument. Marc Macglashan plays "Old Ebenezer Scrooge" in the high end room here at Carter Vintage Guitars.

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10 Recent Space Discoveries That BLEW OUR MINDS
Welcome to Top10Archive! You keep asking for it so we're going to keep on delivering! Back again, are we, on our epic journey through space. That vast blackness, speckled with planets, stars, and other wonders, is an infinite source for discovery. On this galactic quest, we're checking out the top 10 most recent space discoveries. Boy, I hope number one is aliens!

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Most interesting cat in the Rocky Mountains
Nanny loves to take a ride with me in a golf car and explore our valley. We got her 10 years ago from a local animal shelter. She is extremely intelligent, loving and fearless kitty. The video is a compilation of the last two years.

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