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Baby Raccoon Videos - A Cute Baby Animals Compilation
If you're up for some cute baby animal videos check out these cute baby animals doing funny things - raccoon edition.

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Soft Spot | LP & Waddy Wachtel | Playing For Change | Live Outside
We are excited to share a new video from our Live Outside series featuring two incredible musicians, LP and Waddy Wachtel. Open your hearts and have a "Soft Spot" for each other...we are all in this together!

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Black Friday Pets Video Compilation 2016
From dogs not letting go of their toys, cats stealing other cats food, to pets racing to get to the lines, these are just a few of the Black Friday pets you'll find in this video.

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Elephant Keeps Baby From Well
The elephant nanny's top priority is to protect baby elephant Dok Rak from playing in the water well at Elephant Nature Park animal sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The water well is only one foot deep but for now its off limits to Dok Rak so says nanny and all her helpers. I predict Dok Rak will succeed in the days that follow.

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Thanksgiving Pets Video Compilation 2016
It's Thanksgiving time, which means lots of food comas are in order, so sit back, relax, and watch this thanksgiving pets video compilation of pets over eating, drooling for food, and pets being lazy af. Enjoy!

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