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Pheasant Thinks It's A Sheepdog And Rounds Up Herd
Believe your eyes! A pheasant really does think it is a sheepdog, rounding up a scared herd of 270 every morning.. For the past 18 months, a game ******* pheasant has helped bemused Cumbrian farmer, Chris Purdham and his dog, keep livestock in order.The unnamed bird appears several times a day at Chris's Gamblesby farm while he does the rounds on his quad-bike checking on his fell sheep. Chris, 33, said: "He's there first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, and even when I go down at times during the day to check on the sheep."

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St. James Infirmary Blues | Silk Road Ensemble + Rhiannon Giddens
Singer Rhiannon Giddens joins international music collective Silk Road Ensemble to perform "St. James Infirmary Blues," spiking the American folk song that Louis Armstrong popularized in the 1920s with Romani influence and mischievous energy.

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Keeping the Ancient Craft of Tin Embroidery Alive
In a remote village in Guizhou Province, China, generations of artisans have been making handmade suits embroidered with tin. This is the only place in the world where this type of embroidery, called Miao embroidery, is done. After 500 years of tradition, the practice is disappearing. Long Nv San Jiu, a fourth-generation tin embroiderer, says she hopes to teach others this fine craft before it is lost to history forever.

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13 Rarest Cat Breeds Ever
From the adorable British Shorthair to the beautiful Turkish Angora these are 13 most rare & exotic cat breeds wild and domesticated.

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MEET Danniel, The World's Tallest Cow!
Danniel, the giant bovine whose proud owners believe is the world's tallest cow. The huge Holstein steer measures a staggering 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs a whopping 2300 pounds. Danniel eats 100 pounds of hay, 15 pounds of grain, drinks 100 gallons of water, and produces 150 pounds of droppings - every day. Danniel's owners have now had him measured for Guinness World Records in an attempt to have him officially recognized as the world's tallest steer.

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