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A Sanctuary for Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh, my!)
For the past 36 years, Pat Craig has worked tirelessly to rescue large carnivores and rehabilitate them at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Most of the animals there were taken in from zoos, circuses or saved from abusive owners. Now, they've got a permanent home where they can live in peace.

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5 surprising facts and benefits of coffee
People call coffee "the fuel of the modern man" as a joke, but it's not really too far form the truth. Take a look at any office during the morning
Added: 9th June 2016
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Cute Babies Blowing Dandelions Compilation 2016
These cute and funny babies trying to blow dandelion fluff is hilarious. Some have trouble understanding the concept, others blow with all their might without any ...

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He Will Pass You At The Pump - Randal Duvall
Wisdom, it's been said, is sometimes found in the most unexpected places and unexpected times. Meet Randal Duvall and his dog Mini. At first glance Randal may look like he is down on his luck but really he is simply a man who is way ahead of his time.

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