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3 Celebrities Are Following Their Passions For Helping Others
Sometimes celebrities get a bad rap for being self-centered, but not these celebrities! These 3 celebrities are following their passions outside of the music, television, and film industries, and as a result, they're helping others! 1) Country Superstar Charlie Daniels Has A Special Passion Project! Charlie Daniels was 5 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He didn't realize it at the time, but he now understands that "there's only two things to protect America: the grace of God and the United States Military. So, I grew up with a great respect, admiration, and a great amount of gratitude for the military." Following his passion, Charlie Daniels created The Journey Home Project. The Journey Home Project helps men and women, who have just come off the battlefields, transition back into civilian life. Started in 2014, it is an organization dedicated to the welfare and care of our veterans through rehabilitation, reintegration, education, and employment. 2) Actress Melissa Joan Hart Helps Shower Military Families With Joy For actress, director, businesswoman, and mother, Melissa Joan Hart, one of her passions is Operation Shower. Founded in 2007, Operation Shower is based on the idea that expecting wives of deployed military members, who are home alone, need the love and support of others while their partners are away. 3) Gary Sinise, An Actor of Valor, Supports Our Troops! Gary Sinise has a long history of giving back to the men and women who defend our country through working with the USO. He has participated in many tours with the organization, visiting troops and boosting the morale of our service men and women. "It means a lot to them that someone would jump on a plane and come out to see them," Gary said. "Showing them our commitment is important."

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Today I Learned: Sheep
Did you know there are over 1 BILLION sheep in the world?! Learn all about sheep in this episode of Today I Learned!

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The Hoppers - Gentle Shepherd (Live)
Music video by The Hoppers performing Gentle Shepherd. © 2018 Spring House Productions, Inc.

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Baby White Rhino Set on the Road for Freedom | BBC Earth
Manji the orphan rhino is set on the road to freedom by the care of those at the Wild Is Life sanctuary.

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The Spanish Mustang is both a national treasure among horse breeds, but is also an endangered breed facing future extinction. Learn about the passion for this breed and efforts to create interest and awareness of its versatility, and its plight. You...can have a role in the preservation of the Spanish Mustang.

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