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Monarchs by the Millions: Welcome to Butterfly Forest
The largest insect migration in the world ends each year in Michoacán, Mexico. Millions of monarch butterflies travel from the United States and Canada to pass the cold months in the towering trees of this beautiful forest. On their journey, the butterflies travel around 2,800 miles.
Added: 8th June 2016
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Edgar: Family Band Delivers Powerful Cover of
A former Christian singer heads in a new direction with her husband and daughter. Check out their powerful cover of The Pretenders' "I'll Stand by You.

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Mom fights off kidnapper
A mother was caught on surveillance video desperately fighting off a man who was trying to kidnap her 13-year-old daughter. Thanks to her strength and a fast-acting police officer, the two are still together and the bad guy is behind bars.

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Crazy Bride Pushes Homeless Man Into Water
You've met crazy brides. But you have NEVER met a bride this crazy. What can she say? She's desperate for a good picture!

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Everyday Life of a Doggy Dad
I was thinking about adding some dog tips, or better yet dog parent tips to my channel. Basically things that I have learned through trial and error as a dog dad.

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