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Baby Goat Makes Human Noises
Baby goat makes strange human sounds.
Added: 28th March 2016
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Kangaroo And Dog | Best Friends
Blue the roo and Trooper my rotty pup, best of friends. This video I would like to share with you as it shows an amazing relationship between two species.

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Giant zip line to slip n slide | People are Awesome
This looks like so much fun. These guys built a huge zip line and put a giant slip 'n' slide track to land.

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Man Gets The Most Beautiful News From A Teddy Bear
Sean and Jenn Sullivan made a personalized teddy bear to spill the beans about their pregnancy to Sean's dad. His reaction: Priceless!

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Easter Morning ( 20 Minutes )
Wake up to brilliantly colored fields of flowers on Resurrection Morning. Classic, well known Hymns like Crown Him With Many Crowns, Old Rugged Cross, Christ The Lord Has Risen Today, Were You There? and many more from our favorite artist Tim Janis. peaceful streams, fields of tulips and daffodils with the natural sounds of chirping birds and bubbling brooks. A quiet walk in the park with baby chicks and their mother swimming peacefully on a reflective pond. Your spirit will soar with the promise of spring and the earth will rejoice with the resurrection of our Lord!

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