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The Last Carousel Craftsmen
There’s something about the pure joy of a carousel ride that leaves an impression on you. But these handcrafted pieces of kinetic art are becoming more rare. Dan Jones and Art Ritchie have been building wooden carousels by hand for 30 years though their company, Carousel Works. Based in Ohio, their works of public art can be enjoyed throughout the world. Here’s how they make it all happen.
Added: 21st July 2016
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A few days ago we saw an incredible cat on a skateboard ( SKATEBOARD PUSHING CAT http://www.coolestone.com/media/15086/SKATEBOARD-PUSHING-CAT/ ). Today we get to see Bamboo the Dog showing off his amazing skills in a parking lot at Seaside Reef Beach, California. Which one do you thinks does the best job? Please post your thoughts in the comments below the video.

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Dancing Dog Act Tries to Step It Up With a Merengue -AGT
Jose and his dancing dog step up their act with a fun merengue! See how the crowd reacts!

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Breathtaking HD footage of exotic hummingbirds
Check out this beautiful selection of hummingbirds, filmed in Ventura County, California either as resident breeders, or seen during their migration in the
Added: 20th July 2016
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This Vibrating Bumblebee Unlocks a Flower's Hidden Treasure
Most flowering plants are more than willing to spread their pollen around. But some flowers hold out for just the right partner. Bumblebees and other buzz pollinators know just how to handle these stubborn flowers. They vibrate the blooms, shaking them until they give up the nutritious pollen.

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