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Cat obsessed with stealing hair ties
Every time this woman washes her hair, her cat steals her hair tie. A couple of weeks ago she started putting her hair ties on the faucet so kitty would not be
Added: 22nd July 2016
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Wanted: Baby goat cuddlers
At the Caromont goat cheese farm in southern Virginia, this is the time of year when baby goats run wild. About a hundred goats were born there in less than two weeks. With so many goats, owner Gail Hobbs-Page advertised for volunteer baby goat cuddlers. Chip Reid tells us what happened next.
Added: 22nd July 2016
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Abandoned House In The Woods With Old Cars
Let your imagination run wild as we stroll through the grounds and into this old abandoned house. Pots, pans, dishes still in the sink from days long gone. Antiques, books and clothing scattered everywhere. Where Is this place? Who lived here? What happened to them?
Added: 22nd July 2016
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Sos & Victoria: Quick Changers Add New Magical Aspects to Their Act - AGT
Sos and Victoria mix up their performance the second time around with less dancing and more magic. See them change behind everything from curtains and boxes to fire and confetti.

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Magpie bird laughs just like a child!
This precious Magpie was found outside when he was a fledgling and ended up being raised by user 'shura84'. Since then he has lived out in the wild, but will
Added: 21st July 2016
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