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14 Funny Pets | Awesome Pet Video Compilation 2017
From raccoons eating food off their belly, dog dunking it's face into the mud, to a young calf and goat playing in the field, these are just a few of the funny pets you'll find in this funny pets video compilation.

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Piano prodigy surprises parents
A 12-year-old boy from Grouse Creek plays the piano like a pro after only a year. His parents didn't know how good he was until people started telling them.
Added: 8th June 2017
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Tags piano prodigy Grouse Creek utah

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Jacob Tolliver - You and I
Watch Jacob turn this Lady Gaga song into one of his own as only he can!

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47 Goat kids rush to breakfast!
When all the kids are still here, mornings are a riot. As they get closer to going to their new homes at 8 weeks, the kids sleep on their own each night and learn to eat grain and hay and drink water. By morning they are more than ready to see their Maaaaaaaaaas again! It is a wild couple of minutes of yelling until everyone finds each other and gets a good long drink and then quiet and playtime for the kids! I will miss them when they head off to their new homes in pairs or threes. But Mildred, our bottle baby will be staying with us!
Added: 8th June 2017
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Tags nigerian dwarf goats breakfast sunflower farm creamery

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