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Best Pets of The Week Video Compilation | January 2018 Week 3
This week's best pet videos include a dog playing in a winter wonderland obstacle course, a cat eating pizza, a puppy discovering its reflection and more! Enjoy these amazing pets!

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Ladyva - Tryin' to get to you
Blues Feeling with Elvis Presley's Trying to get to you played by Ladyva. Drums: Charlie Weibel Website:

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The Cute Ways Animals Have Fun in the Snow
Are you looking for a pick me up? Need a little fun in the snow to make you smile? Look no further - we found the cutest exotic and domesticated animals on the Internet and put these adorable clips together, just for you! Watch as a baby elephant, panda, penguins, and horses frolic happily in the snow. It just might make you love winter that much more!

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Special Cat With No Ears Helps Mom Get Her Life Back
Cat With No Ears Celebrates A Big Milestone With His Mom | After this woman was in a car accident, she had debilitating anxiety until she adopted a little white cat with no ears. Otitis helped her heal and made her happier than she ever thought possible. Today on Party Animals, his mom's showing him how loved he is by throwing him the best bash, complete with lots of paper bags for him to play in!
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