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Funny Friday Felines Video Compilation 2017
From cats splashing around in the bathtub, cats ringing bells for snacks, to cats struggling to flip over, these are just a few of the cats you'll find in this Friday felines video compilation.

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10 Most Bizarre Archaeological Mysteries
From the scariest "dragon claw" ever found, The Ark of the Covenant, The Dead Sea Scrolls to the most mysterious and perplexing pyramids; These are just a few of the mysteries you will see in this bizarre compilation.

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CAT Skimboards then Gives High Five!
Boomer the CAT, skim-boards THEN gives a high five at the end.

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Building a Better Ship for Tsunami Survival
In March 2011, a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami ravaged Japan's eastern coast. At the time, Chris Robinson was in the middle of a business meeting, but the subject of his meeting immediately turned to ways of helping people in similar disasters. He decided right then and there to build an escape pod based on a sturdy spherical design. Complete with an electric motor and solar panels, Robinson's "tsunami ball" would act as a mini safety pod, allowing people to navigate over short distances during an inland tsunami. Without any prior shipbuilding experience, he launched himself into the project—sometimes, the will to build and learn trumps any expertise.

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How to care for a swamp
We hired a man with a mechanical harvester to do some work in our swamp in January of 2016, and again this past January. My husband has been doing this work by hand, cutting up our floating islands and then dragging the thick, cut sections into piles it is VERY labor intensive work. During periods of drought, air gets trapped in the dried swamp bottom, and then when the swamp fills again the trapped air causes large sections to pop to the surface, and then vegetation grows on it, choking out the open water. David worked for about 5-6 days this year, and you can see just how much he can clear out with that incredible piece of machinery.
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