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Excited puppy can't wait his turn for shower
This hilarious little puppy loves the garden hose so much that he refuses to wait for an older dog to finish his turn. He literally jumps on top of the dog in
Added: 17th July 2016
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13 Funny Kittens Video Compilation 2016
From kittens playing checkers, to kittens playing with toothbrushes, enjoy 13 funny kittens in this pet video compilation.

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Watch this cat push a skateboard all on his own. He does much better than I could ever do.

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Young Wolves Filmed Using Remote Camera!
Gordon Buchanan tries to get up close to the Wolves den using a special camera to see how many young cubs there are... and they are beautiful.

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Singing Lullabys To Elephants
The founder of an elephant nature park in Thailand, sings lullaby's to the elephants to help them fall asleep.

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