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Cats Staring Compilation - Funny Cat Videos 2017
Cats are so funny you will die laughing. Funny cat staring and looking in funny cats compilation.

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Hamsters on Slides Compilation
Hamsters on Slides Compilation These hamsters just love slides! Give them any sliding surface and watch them slide all day long!

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America Once Had a Native Parrot Population
Believe it or not, the United States was once home to scores of wild parrots. No, really! Thick-billed parrots now live in the high-elevation pine tree forests in northern Mexico, but these brightly-colored birds once roamed the skies of New Mexico and Arizona. Thick-billed parrots can break through nearly any nut on the planet, but mostly feed on pine tree nuts, tree bark and insects. Sadly, due to a combination of the illegal pet trade, habitat loss and climate change, these birds have not been seen in the United States for at least 25 years.

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Angels in Heaven - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady
Abby the Spoon Lady is one of very few professional spoon players in the United States and has been a professional street performer for over a decade. Abby studied American folk percussion, music, and folklore while traveling the United States by foot and rail. Now an internationally known street performer, she plays with some of Asheville, North Carolina's finest local and visiting performers at festivals, within venues, and right on the sidewalk. Chris Rodrigues plays the guitar, blows the harmonica, stomps on a suitcase with his right foot, taps on a license plate with his left foot and sings his takes on traditional songs as well as his own written material. He hopes to take traditional songs of American heritage and play them in his own new way in hopes of keeping alive these songs that have been played for years.

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Snippets from our Guilty Dog archive library!
Added: 10th September 2017
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