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Funny Dogs Drinking Water in Slow Motion
Dogs drinking in slo mo. Watch these funny dogs drink water in slow motion. Dogs drinking water in slow motion is so funny.

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Amazon Echo Plus - Hands On Review
In our Amazon Echo Plus review, we learn Amazon eliminates the middleman with a built-in smart-home hub and all of Alexa's skills rolled into one speaker. Connect your smart home devices seamlessly and set up Routines quickly and easily to make life easier.

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Injured Street Dog is the Happiest Boy After Being Rescued by Woman
Dog Who Used To Be A Street Dog Loves His Life | This dog went from being an injured street dog in Iran to the love of his mom's life in the U.S. He's the happiest boy there ever was, and his mom gets emotional just thinking about how far he's come.

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Puppies Enjoying Tummy Rubs Compilation
We all know what puppies enjoy the most - TUMMY RUBS! They are loving it!

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Of course, Maru is in the bucket
Maru still enjoys the bucket!
Added: 3rd March 2018
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