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Raccoons Are Just Weird Cats | Crazy Raccoon Compilation 2017
Raccoons are crazy, lazy, love to cuddle, are curious about everything, and freakin' adorable! Raccoons are essentially just weird looking cats! Enjoy this crazy raccoon compilation!

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Baby Elephant Rescued from Mud Hole | Good People Everywhere!
Occurred on November 23, 2017 / Urulanthanni, Kerala, India. This place is near the forest and elephants visit all the time. One day, a small elephant fell into this mud hole. The other elephants tried to rescue their baby the entire night, but they failed. In the morning, the forest department rescued the baby and you can clearly see the mother elephant express her gratitude towards the rescuers. Yes, there are LOTS of good people all over this world!

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People Get Surprised With Kittens | Try Not To Cry
These people just got surprised with kittens, also know as the greatest gift ever! Watch as they meet their fur babies for the first and their dreams become a reality! Try not to cry!

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Horse Playing in a Paddling Pool Funny
A horse cooling off in a paddling pool! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Deck The Halls - Pentatonix
“Deck The Halls” features bass vocalist Matt Sallee. You can see Matt perform with Pentatonix on A VERY PENTATONIX CHRISTMAS and on tour throughout the holiday season.

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