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Majestic Animals Video Compilation
Animals are truly majestic creatures! From deer to monkeys, and raccoons to foxes, here are some of the most majestic animals you might find in the forest or a magical land!

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Cat Dangling From Wire CAUGHT by Rescuers
Cat Gets Stuck On Telephone Wire | This cat got herself stuck way out on a telephone line and got too tired to hold on. The rescue is INTENSE!

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The Sound of Silence - 18 String Harp Guitar Cover
Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy my version of this classic tune, you can also download my album with this tune on it here: iTunes: https://itunes....
Added: 13th January 2018
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Tags sungha jung andy mckee candyrat 18 string guitar jamie dupuis amazing

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Funny Cat Clips - Cole and Marmalade
A fun kitty compilation from 2017, if only you could record what you see when you don't have a camcorder hand... We could have made a compilation 2 hours long!

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You Don't Want To Get You One of Those - Mark Knopfler and Tommy Emmanuel
You Don't Want to Get You One of Those by Mark Knopfler & Tommy Emmanuel was recorded at British Grove Sudiow in London, England. It appears on Tommy Emmanuel's album, Accomplice One, out Jan. 19, 2018.

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