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Meet Michael Grab and his Gravity Glue
While experimenting with my camera's time lapse features in a Boulder Colorado park, I found Michael Grab working hard at play in Boulder Creek. This short feature doesn't do his work justice but at least you can get an idea of what he does. He's amazing. It's a real joy to see him create these beautiful natural rock sculptures. Lots of people have watched him work. The Daily Camera ran a story about Mike the day after most of this video was shot. Check out his web site at: BTW: The tubers were the original reason I came to the creek to shoot. I included them in this piece because I thought their energetic antics in the back ground played well against the Zen of Mike's art work. So please take a deep breath, sit back, find your own balancing point and, as Mike might suggest, lean into your discomfort.

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The 100 Voices Of Gospel - Britain's Got Talent
Alesha has been waiting for a choir to do their thing on the BGT stage, with it now being 100 Voices of Gospel's time to shine and she presses the Golden Buzzer, leaving Simon fuming...
Added: 6th May 2017
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Epic Pen Spinning Dog! Such Awesome, Much Wow!!!
A dog spinning a pen may be the most entertaining thing you'll see all day. We thought it would be funny to see what it would look like to see a dog spinning a pen so we thought we'd give it a try.

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Stella Meets the Oldest Man
Carol Burnett and Tim Conway - Stella Meets the Oldest Man.
Added: 5th May 2017
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Meet a California Garden Designed for Color and Fun
Some people are afraid to use color,” says culinary entrepreneur Bibby Gignilliat. “I'm not.” One look at her garden confirms that.

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