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Thirsty AF Pets | Pets Drinking Water Compilation
Anybody feeling a little thirsty after this one? Watch these hilarious animals drinking water in the most ridiculous ways!

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Guy Pretends To Be Dead To See How His Cat Reacts
What would a cat do if his owner suddenly died? To find out, this guy fakes his death in front of his cat, Sparta, to see how he reacts. Needless to day, his reaction was priceless! How would your pets react?

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2018 Seniors Division Champions Stewart & Rollins
Tobitha Stewart and Jay Rollins are this years winners in the Senior Division of the National SHAG Dance Championships. The competition is a three-night event featuring over 50 contestants in six divisions - Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Pro, Senior and Masters. DVD's of the entire Nationals competition are available through Stages Video Productions. To order call Stages Video at 843-626-7466 or email at

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Kittens Climbing Up Legs Compilation
These kittens have found the perfect way to learn how to climb things - human legs. And it's just too cute!

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