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Sheep and Elephant are Best Friends
The tale of an amazing friendship between a baby elephant, and a very special sheep.
Added: 4th March 2017
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On Snow Leopard Mountain (15 min) - Planet Earth II - Behind The Scenes
In a remote village in the Himalaya Tsewang Norboo has grown up with snow leopards. In his own words he shares his experiences and reveals why community based conservation is vital to saving these remarkable cats. A ambient portrait of a life high in the mountains, full of silence, dark interiors and mysterious glimpses of mystical cats.

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Bat Dogs - As American As Apple Pie!
This may very well be the happiest, saddest video I have ever seen. Better have a box of tissue on standby... With 27 World Series championships, the New York Yankees have a rich winning tradition. But there's one tradition in the storied Yankees organization that's as regal if of somewhat less renown: the 'bat dog' family of the Trenton Thunder, the Double-A affiliate.

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Close up to a WILD WOLF with Wolf Girl Anneka
I get close up with a WILD wolf Callow cannot be touched by people and is very nervous as she has never been handled. She lives in a very wild and natural enclosure and it takes a while to draw her out but eventually she come out to say hi. I manage to get a couple of amazing photos before she disappears into the undergrowth

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