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17 Funny Puppies | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017
From Dalmatian puppies chasing around their pen, Jack Russell terrier puppies wrestling each other, to a shar pei puppy confused about a strawberry, these are just a few of the funny puppies you'll find in this funny puppies video compilation.

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Cultivating Japan's Rare White Strawberry
In Japan, there's a specialty fruit craze sweeping the nation, from square watermelons to grapes the size of Ping-Pong balls. Still, the crown jewel of the luxury fruit basket is the white strawberry, bred to be a whole lot bigger and a whole lot sweeter than its classic red counterpart. We took a tour of Yasuhito Teshima's farm in Karatsu, Japan, to find out why so many people are spending a pretty penny for a taste of these famous white berries.

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A Tribute To Nurses | Carolyn Jones
Hanky Alert! Carolyn Jones spent five years interviewing, photographing and filming nurses across America, traveling to places dealing with some of the nation's biggest public health issues. She shares personal stories of unwavering dedication in this celebration of the everyday heroes who work at the front lines of health care.

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Baby's Woodpecker's First Words in 4K
I went out every morning for two weeks and shot video of these two little boys, from before any of the red in their malar stripes was visible. The day before I shot this video I got to watch the larger of the two say his first big-boy Pileated words, and this was my favorite moment of the two weeks - watching the smaller one call his first real call, after hearing and then intently studying his larger brother's call. I managed to record each of them leaving the cavity the next morning, and the smaller one left about 45 minutes before the larger one! I later realized that they had to be able to communicate with the parents before they fledged, and they timed it perfectly. The parents had nested in another dead tree the year before, and right around the time that the eggs were due to hatch, the tree broke off half-way up, ironically right at the spot where he had built his cavity the year before, when he didn't have a mate. This year they built their cavity about 50' high in a slash pine that my husband had girdled (cut the bark off all the way around) at least 3-4 years ago, just so that it would die and could be used by woodpeckers. When I would review the video that I'd shot on windy mornings I could see the tree moving, and held my breath with every gust for weeks, but this year their tree stood strong while they used the cavity. I saw them for a couple of days after they fledged, but the parents have taken them somewhere else, hopefully just for now. I hope they come back and make their nests in our yard in years to come. A hen Wood Duck would come every morning and look in the cavity to see if it was empty yet, and I think she has been laying eggs in it since they left. Those babies are going to have quite a jump when they hatch!

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Arresting Bad Guys While Licking Ice Cream PRANK!
You have to be quite hungry/arrogant to lick your ice cream cone off of strangers' hands, that you just arrested.

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