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Maru Bucket
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Added: 31st January 2018
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Jeanne Robertson | The Great Marmot Standoff
Jeanne says she loves the South for many reasons, she's travelled all over the country giving her 'little' program. What she found is most people like where they grew up but for her growing up in the South has been wonderful. In today's video she is going to tell us a story that illustrates a reason she's glad she grew up in the South and you could guess what that would be until next week and you would never, ever come up with it...
Added: 31st January 2018
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Inside the Mind of a Dog
Gregory Berns spent his entire life around dogs. So when his most beloved pet passed away, he began to wonder whether his dog reciprocated the same love and care he felt for him. As a neuroscientist at Emory University, he took his curiosity to the test. Now, he scans the brains of dogs using MRI machines, trying to decode canine behavior using brain activity.

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1913 Bugatti Type 22 - Jay Leno's Garage
Alan Travis gives Jay the opportunity to drive his early Bugatti which is considered to be the oldest Bugatti still driving on the road today!

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