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Firefighters miraculously save dog buried by earthquake debris
Incredible footage emerged showing the moment when a group of firefighters rescued a dog trapped beneath rubble 24 hours after a 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit
Added: 7th November 2016
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Squirrel Hides Acorn In Dog's Fur
This adorable squirrel must be a little confused! It looks like he's trying to get ready for winter by burying his nut, but the problem is where he's trying to
Added: 7th November 2016
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This People are Awesome Best of the Week compilation features some amazing tricks and flips! We have epic golf trick shots, stuntman training, breakdancing, basketball trick shots, skateboarding, juggling and much more. These are the week’s best viral videos of amazing people doing incredible things!

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Funny Horse Videos - Try Not To Laugh
Funny horse videos, funny horse fails or simply funny horses all in this try not to laugh or grin while watching this challenge compilation.

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