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REAL PERFECT PITCH TEST!! - 5-Year-Old Claire Ryann Crosby
Claire has perfect pitch!
Added: 27th June 2018
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Tags Claire Ryann Ellen Kid Crosby Family Disney Kid

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Glennis Grace: Singer Slays Run To You by Whitney Houston - AGT 2018
Glennis flew from the Netherlands to grace America with her stunning voice and wow the crowd with her rendition of "Run To You" by Whitney Houston.

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Barking Up The Right Tree
Nancy Hodo takes a plant that everybody hates and turns it into furniture everyone wants. Nancy Hodo The Old Cedar Post New Braunfels, TX Phone: 210-844-5634

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The Monkey Whisperer
Behold, the Francois' leaf monkey! These rare, adorable (and nationally protected) beings live in Guizhou Province's Mayang River National Nature Reserve, where forest ranger Xiao Zhijin has been lucky enough to work with them for more than 20 years. Every day he monitors and feeds the 13-strong monkey group, and has generated a mutual trust with them. As a result, he's been able to share new insights into the species' rituals and behaviors with scientists. Gather by the riverside, and get to know Xiao and the endangered leaf monkeys he calls friends.

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