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Baby Twin Horses Bucky & Lucky
One week old horse twin stallion foals.
Added: 29th November 2017
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Guy Feeds Parrots On Railing
After the rain had stopped in Caracas, Venezuela, several parrots visited this guy's home and wanted something to eat. The parrots sat on his balcony railing and called for the guy to come out. As he fed them pieces of bananas, the birds sang after munching on the treat.

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Andre Rieu - O Holy Night
Andre Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing O Holy Night live in London.

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Crusoe Dachshund Outsmarts Furbo Dog Camera (Almost)
Us dogs are good at getting into mischief, and with Furbo Dog Camera those pesky hoomans will always know what we're up to - but least they can toss us treats to keep us out of trouble!"

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Mr. Aviation 101 (Texas Country Reporter)
Take flight with one of the youngest certified flight instructors in the country. Mr. Aviation 101 Josh Flowers San Marcos, TX E-mail: Website:

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