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Squirrel Keeps Visiting Her Human Mom After Her Release | The Dodo Soulmates
Squirrel Keeps Visiting Her Human Mom After Her Release | When this woman rescued a baby squirrel 8 years ago, she had no idea that little Bella would grow up to be such an important part of her life.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Cats
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA CATS! These little ninjas are agile, quick, and have cat like reflexes....because they are cats! Enjoy this compilation of ninja cats!

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There Are Only 100 of these Antelopes Left in the Wild
This chestnut-and-white-striped antelope is an eastern bongo. Fairly large in size, eastern bongos can weigh between 500 and 900 pounds with horns as long as 40 inches in length. Despite their size, they are timid creatures, most active during twilight when they graze on leaves and bushes. Due to hunting and destruction of their natural habitats, they are well below the critically endangered threshold, with only around 100 bongos left in the wild.

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Elephant Wants Lek To Sing To Baby, You've Got To See How She Makes This Happen!
"While I was meeting with visitors, Faa Mai suddenly intruded our talk with clear intent. She pushed me along out into the field, directing me somewhere and I wondered what it was that she really wanted. Finally FaaMai took me to see the little Thong Ae, whom she wants to adopt as her own. In the end, it sees as if FaaMai wanted me to lullaby her little friend, as she is so fond when i sing a lullaby to her. It is so beautiful to see my little girl who has such a heart of care. I am so proud of this girl !" -Lek

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