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The Haunted House on Dunham Hill with Darci Lynne! | JEFF DUNHAM
Halloween is here again and America's Got Talent winner Darci Lynne and her friends, Petunia, Oscar, and Edna, are stopping by my neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Watch what happens as Bubba J, Peanut, Walter, Achmed and I celebrate one of our favorite holidays of the year with Darci and her friends!

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How to Carve a Pumpkin Eating a Pumpkin - Halloween
Pumpkin Carving, make this really cool design for Halloween. Carve out the teeth a put a small one inside its mouth.

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Elk Battle Over Pumpkins
"Since it is mating season in Estes Park, I was saw across the lake several hundred elk on our local golf course. I had just finished taking some footage and was headed out and saw these two bulls at a local hotel by a Halloween display. They had already destroyed the display and were trying to get at and eat the pumpkins. The funniest moment came when one of their huge antlers dislodged one of the pumpkins that proceeded to roll down the little hill watching it as it went. They then proceeded to go back to battling it out."
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Epic Halloween Pet Costumes
Halloween is upon us and if you are a pet owner you know how amazing and important it is to dress your pet up in the best costume! Whether it's a last minute costume idea for this year or inspiration for next year, here are some epic Halloween pet costumes!

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Have you ever seen something bizarre in the sky, on the land or while swimming in a river? If you haven't, that's okay. We also haven't seen anything like that in real life. Some inexplicable things seem really weird at first and even at second sight. Today's video is about this kind of phenomena. We're gonna show you 13 rare and mysterious natural events and you probably won't believe they exist. Are you ready?

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