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Eagle Steals GoPro Camera
Matt Beedle set out to capture some authentic video of a North American Bald Eagle in his hometown of Juneau, Alaska but ended up with a talon full of trouble when the eagle decided to take his GoPro for a joy ride.

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Scaredy Cat
Kinda like a cat reacting to a horror movie, but it's just Marm in the bathroom sink getting scared of my creepy hand! :)

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Mastermind Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
From cats ringing bells for treats, cats opening windows and doors by themselves, to cats knowing how to turn off the lights, these are just a few of the mastermind cats you'll find in this mastermind cats video compilation.
Added: 4th July 2017
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Beach Stereotypes You May Recognize
If you have ever been to the beach I guarantee you will recognize some of the people in today's video.... if you're like me, you may even see yourself. The old guy at the end was my favorite!

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