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Carol Burnett -- Court Reporter
The butler did it! Carol Burnett is the court reporter but she can't help but voice her opinions as to how guilty she thinks this guy is. Get ready to laugh out loud!

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Cats Who Are Cooler Than You Video Compilation 2016
From cats dancing in front of the mirror, cats walking down the side of a fridge, to cats doing backflips off the bed, these are just a few of the coolest cats in this, cats who are cooler than you video compilation.

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Sleeping Golden Retriever sings along to harmonica
Even when he's sleeping, Max the Golden Retriever feels the need to sing! Watch as he gets into the music while his owner Antonio S. plays the harmonica.
Added: 13th November 2016
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In this People are Awesome Best of the Month compilation features bmx tricks, gymnastics, acrobatics, horseback archery and high diving! Sit back and enjoy the week's best viral videos of awesome people doing amazing and extreme things!

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Cat and Guinea Pig befriend wild squirrel
If you're looking for a heart-warming moment to brighten up your day, look no further! Watch as a cat and guinea pig adorably attempt to befriend a wild
Added: 13th November 2016
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Tags cat squirrel animals rabbit funny and cute animals eating guinea pig

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