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Crusoe the Cowboy Dachshund: Saloon Showdown
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and brother Oakley the Dachshund put on a little cowboy saloon showdown skit at WIld Gals Old Time Photo in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - who were amazing to build this perfect miniature cowboy saloon set. Crusoe the Cowboy Dachshund comes in with his little guns and shoots up the bar when his brother (the saloon bartender) calls him a "wiener"!

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Connect a Hose to ANY Tap - Summer Life Hack - Bunch O Balloons
How to connect a garden hose pipe to nearly any household tap. Great life hack for summer. Use Bunch O Balloons Water balloons, or fill up a paddling pool. Buy Bunch O Balloons here:

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Kitten's First Day Outside
6 cuddly kittens enjoy their first day outside in the beautiful summer sun! These adorable little fur balls are all rescued kittens available for adoption at Best Friends Animal Society. Adopt your new best friend today! For more information about Best Friends Animal Society, check out their website at

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World's MOST Daring Houses
Where do you live? Maybe in a nice, quaint little house with a white picket fence, or maybe in a high rise apartment in a big city. Either way, we can guarantee you your house is nothing like some of these on this list. And if it is, invite us over for a dinner and drinks!

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