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PRANK: How To Become A Rockstar Overnight
You like music? You would like to turn your hobby into a job opportunity? Once again, we've got you covered! After watching this video, fans will literally rip clothes off your rockstar body!

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Toad feeding session is surprisingly funny
This clip proves that toads aren't too fond of sharing. Check out their hilarious interaction as their owner feeds them some mealworms. Those faces are just so
Added: 28th August 2016
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Tags toad toads feeding mealworms mealworms

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Abandoned train...the last stop!
I've always liked trains growing up...the size, the power, the amount of cars they could pull. My favorite was the engines. I came across this abandoned train and explored it a little...
Added: 28th August 2016
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Tags Abandoned train last stop train car train engine

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This Best of the Month video compilation features longboarding, parkour, freerunning, pool trick shots, football freestyle and an epic golf putt!

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Cats are simply funny, clumsy and cute! - Funny cat compilation
Cats are simply the funniest animals! Who doesn't like cats?! Cats and kittens make us laugh, smile and happy!
Added: 27th August 2016
Views: 1167

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