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Jerry Lewis Jitterbug
Jerry Lewis is a goof, but a pretty good dancer! It takes a bit of skill to balance goofy gestures, accuracy and rhythm simultaneously!
Added: 19th June 2017
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Boogie Woogie Piano
Johan Blohm from The Refreshments.
Added: 19th June 2017
Views: 1185
Tags Johan Blohm The Refreshments Boogie Woogie Rock and Roll Piano Old style

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Red Panda Cub Triplets feeding is the cutest thing ever
What's cuter than one Red Panda Cub drinking out of a puppy bowl? Three Red Panda cubs of course. Meet Raja, Pinhgu and Mohan the Red Panda Triplets that were born on Christmas Eve. Each day when it is feeding time, Zoo Keepers will ring a bell and they all come a-running and it is the cutest thing you ever likely to see.

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One Last Time - Ariana Grande Fingerstyle Guitar
A classical guitar arrangement inspired by Ariana Grande's emotional performance in honor of Manchester.

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Things Dogs Teach Their Humans
This is a list of all the important life skills dogs teach us. When humans bring a dog into their lives, they are most often looking for a companion; what they may not realize is that they are getting a teacher as well. Every single day dogs teach us important life lessons about love, overcoming adversity and healing! What have you learned from your dog?

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