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Awesome Couples and Duos - People Are Awesome 2018
Train together, stay together! These workout partners and awesome duos make fitness look fun. See any new challenges you'd like to try?

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Thieving Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation
You gotta keep your eyes on these thieving pets! They may look sweet and innocent, until they swipe some food of the counter or steal a toy without you even noticing!

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Jeanne Robertson | Don't Hire a Hit Man
Well, it's not what you may think but if you know Jeanne, you know it's going to be funny!

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Jokgu Chicken Plays Amazing Grace
Although most people associate this song with funerals, it's really about redemption, starting over, and it never being too late to change and improve. We hope that all the negative can be left behind in 2017, and in 2018 we can all be the best version of ourselves. Happy New Year!
Added: 12th February 2018
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8 Smart Ways You Can Reuse Cardboard
Here are 8 SMART ways to make your leftover cardboard work for you! From organizing your drawers to safely moving furniture around, we have put together our favorite cardboard life hacks.

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