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360 Degree Video, Bern, Switzerland
Bern is full of rather ancient sights listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2014 Bern was declared the most beautiful city of the country by the citizens themselves. Today we present 360° video of the flight above this city...
Added: 25th October 2016
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Amazing First Time Senses Video Compilation 2016
From a deaf woman receiving a Cochlear Implant, and surprise marriage proposal, to a man seeing color, these special moments capture what it's like to experience something for the first time.

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Top 10 Unforgettable TV Houses
Welcome to Top10Archive! We remember them like our own childhood homes - abodes that we grew up exploring within our favorite television programs. From black and white classics to more modern hovels, we are taking a trip down memory lane with these 10 most memorable TV homes!

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8 Astounding Locations You Must See!
Pack your mental suitcase and come along as we visit 8 of the most incredible outdoor locations around the world. I would love to physically visit the Mermaid Lagoon in Huacachina, Peru, the Hidden Temples in Nyaung, Myanmar and a couple of the others. How many of these places would you like to visit? How many have you visited? Please comment below the video. Best viewed full screen in 1080hp.

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Dog Excited To Take Bath Video
These adorable dachshund puppies were excited for bath time. As soon as their owner removed the gate that was blocking the stairs, they immediately ran up to jump in the tub.
Added: 24th October 2016
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