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The Teen Golf Sensation Swinging for Nepal
Since before she was born, Pratima Sherpa was destined to have a career in golf. Her parents met while working on one of Nepal's only golf courses - the Royal Nepal Golf Club in Kathmandu - and Pratima herself was born and raised on the green. The 18-year-old has now played in over 60 tournaments and won 35 trophies, standing as proof that golf is a sport of talent, not affluence. Now, her sights are set on a bigger stage - playing the summer Olympics as the first professional female golfer from Nepal.

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Funniest Confused Pets Compilation 2018 | Funny Pet Videos
We love to bring you the best videos on the internet! Everything from Funny Videos, Fails, Fail Videos, Funny Baby Videos.

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Lake Street Dive - Lola (The Kinks Cover) | The Bridge 909 in Studio
Brooklyn, NY band Lake Street Dive performs 'Lola' originally by The Kinks live in TV Studio A at KCPT in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Wake Up Human - Super cute Pets Waking up Owners Compilation
Waking Up Human, Best of Alarm Clock - Funny Dogs and Cats Wake up Owner Compilation

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First time of 15 elephants observing new land
Published on Sep 2, 2018 There is little that changes over night. Our purpose to secure elephant freedom is at best partial. The dream is still with us, accomplished step by step. From my formative experiences of witnessing abuse, hardship, and their journey of suffering, I promised them that one day I would see the elephant to live in a better way and to be both protected and free. Our elephants have worked for men in many capacities, some over many decades from young until old. In the short time that they have left with us, we wish for them to experience the herd, to be part of a family, roaming freely. Our first herd in our own hands off project begins here. It is a first step. Here you can enjoy the small herd without disturbing their activity. Witness the interactions and love between elephants. The next step will soon arrive, as two separate herds will live together in a land we are preparing for them now. Learn more :

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