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Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees
As professional arborists, brothers-in-law Tom Otto and Shaun Sears are quite adept at climbing trees. The cats that they rescue are not. And with a plethora of trees and cats around Seattle, they decided to put their off hours to good use and return scared, stuck kitties to their worried owners. Working completely off donations, these two cat lovers are helping keep Seattle's free-climbing felines grounded.

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Fire Lookout Has a Solitary Life on Lookout Mountain
For the past 24 years, Leif Haugen has spent his summers living alone atop a mountain in Montana's pristine wilderness. As a fire lookout for the U.S. Forest Service, Leif is charged with protecting the surrounding landscape, watching for signs of fire from his solitary perch. Spending up to two weeks alone at a time, he spends his days unwinding amid the peace and quiet, watching as the world passes him by.

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Funny Kittens | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
These are the best kitten clips ever! Check out these adorable kittens and I bet it will make your day!

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What's inside a LOCKED 30 Year Old Safe?
Gold Jewelry owning Alaskan grandfather hasn't opened this safe for 30 years. We step in to help!

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Dog Gets Custom Fence Holes To Visit Neighbor
Dog Gets Custom Fence Holes To Visit Neighbor | This dog was constantly jumping up on the fence to see the dog next door — so her neighbor did the nicest thing for her.

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