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Walking, Talking, Tree at Llano Earth Art Festival
Sorry for the silly question but seeing him was one of those rare things that make you instantly feel the wonder of being a child again. Cool guy too.
Added: 14th March 2017
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14 Oldest Fossil Discoveries
From Dinosaurs Getting Older to Crocodile Embryo and a Mammoth in Mexico here are 14 Oldest Fossil Discoveries.

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15 Lovingly Loyal Dog Breeds
Dogs are adorable and will be your best friend! Who wouldn't love them? We gathered a list of 15 Lovingly Loyal Breeds Of Dogs.

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Meet Ben ( With His Longhorn Cow Cam ) And Pig Pal Javier
Mesmerizing! Watch today's video made with a Go Pro Hero 3+ mounted on Ben's built in selfie stick. Ben didn't seem to mind the camera at all. He's having his nightly dinner with his javelina buddy. Javier is his official name but Ben and their human refer to him as "piggy". Even though the GoPro is mounted in the waterproof housing - which normally muffles the sound - Ben's chewing is loud because the sound is transferred to the camera from his skull through the bone in his horn. What a beautiful pair of animals... and best buds! Best viewed full screen in 1080p HD, sound UP!

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