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Abandoned Baby Deer Rescued And Rehabilitated by Hero
Guy Rescues And Rehabilitates Abandoned Baby Deer | This baby deer got injured and left behind by her family so this sweet guy took her in and raised her with his dog before sending her back to the wild. Special thanks to Darius Sasnauskas for giving this deer a second chance;

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Cats Vs Tails Video Compilation
From cats chasing their tails, cats getting hit by tails, to kittens surprised they have tails, these are just a few of the cats fighting tails in this cats vs tails video ...
Added: 19th May 2018
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Why do Pandas have such Large Heads..
Gordon Buchanan breaks down why Pandas have significantly larger heads than the average bear.
Added: 19th May 2018
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The Volcano That Burns Blue
The Kawah Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia, is a spectacular (and dangerous) sight to behold. Unlike any other volcano in the world, Kawah Ijen emits what appear to be bright blue flames. The glow is caused not by lava, but instead by sulfuric gases that create electric blue sparks when in contact with oxygen. Once the gases cool, bright yellow sulfur is formed, which is then mined and sold.

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