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Celtic Woman - O Holy Night
Celtic Woman with another great Christmas Classic "O Holy Night".
Added: 2nd December 2016
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Puppy, We Need to Talk
We partnered with Purina Puppy Chow to celebrate how puppies can change our lives and make us better humans! For every video view, Puppy Chow will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank (up to 100,000 pounds or through January 1, 2017).

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Funniest Cut Pet & Animal Home Video Bloopers & Reactions of December 2016
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest pet and animal bloopers and reactions of December 2016 courtesy of AFV. Check out more Funny Animal videos ...
Added: 2nd December 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet comp compilation weekly react reacts

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This Former Secret Passage Is Now a Time Capsule of Naple's Past
Lost for decades beneath the streets of Naples, Italy, the Galleria Borbonica is a time capsule of the city's history. The system of tunnels and caverns was originally created in the 1800s as an escape route for the city's royalty. It was then abandoned until the early 1930s, when it was used as a storage facility for contraband vehicles. During World War II, it became a military hospital and bomb shelter. After the war, it was eventually sealed and forgotten until it was rediscovered in 2005. Fancy a tour?
Added: 2nd December 2016
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Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day from Inside a Guitar
The foliage looked beautiful during the sunrise so I grabbed my guitar and recorded this with Maple on a whim.

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