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Massive Dog Adopts Special Needs Goat - SAMMY & CHANCE
Massive Dog Adopts Special Needs Goat | Sammy is a 200-pound mastiff who is SO sweet and protective around a little rescue goat named Chance. Today on Odd Couples, watch Sammy let Chance head butt him and steal his bed - because he loves his goat BFF more than anyone in the world.

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The E/O: Olga Henry (Slackliner)
Meet incredible slacklining athlete Olga Henry and hear her inspiring story and powerful motivational message! The E/O is a series of documentaries showcasing people with extraordinary abilities that reveals the personal stories behind the incredible skills you've seen on People are Awesome.

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The Greatest Goat Kid PJ Party Ever!
We have had 48 Nigerian Dwarf Goat kids born at the farm in the past two weeks. Now they are anywhere from 3 days old to 2 weeks old. They are getting so feisty so today we decided to let most of them out so their mamas could have their morning grain in peace without the kids jumping in their food and we had a fun pajama party. Our granddaughter Max especially loved it. Even the barn cat Virginia thought the kids looked pretty cute. A number of people have made us pajamas over the years so that we have a way to keep kids warm if they are born on super chilly Maine nights. But since we never get to see them all in action, I thought it would be a fun way to thank the sewers by making a video showing off all their work! I hope you all have a week as fun and hoppy as the goats!! If it gets rough, just watch goats on repeat. That's what I do! Big love from the farm.

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Sign Language News (Texas Country Reporter)
Alex Abenchuchan delivers the daily news from his home in Buda - but are his viewers listening? HUGE THANK YOU to the Travis County Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Jeremy Weston for providing interpreting services for this feature. Alex Abenchuchan The Daily Moth Buda, TX Website:

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Jack and Tim receive GOLDEN BUZZER from Simon Cowell!
The father-son duo, Jack and Tim, from Norwich get Simon's golden buzzer for their wonderful audition on Britain's Got Talent 2018, singing their own song, "The Lucky Ones".

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