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Close Encounters with Elephants
In today's video we look at the sometimes overlooked line that has to be drawn and respected between a safari guide and a wild animal. If allowed, some wild animals will approach and consider crossing this line. Watch to see how these presenters/guides deal with this very important issue.

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Asian elephant Samudra takes a mud bath
You can't spell Samudra without mud.
Added: 30th July 2017
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Greedy Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
From cats stealing snacks out of the cabinet, cats not letting go of a loaf of bread, to cats not sharing their food, these are just a few of the greedy cats you'll find in this video.

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Baby Elephant Tries to Wake up a Sleepy Dog [OFFICIAL]
An elephant, a teenager and a roster are all trying their best to wake up a dog.. It wasn't very successful as you can see.

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MOST Bizarre Beach Finds
With so much of the planet covered with water, it's hard to imagine just HOW many things can be in those large oceans. Some people speculate that a total of sixteen million human bodies could be laying on the seafloor. But what about the random objects that humans use? From cars to a giant eyeball to see what's been found.

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