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Crusoe the Dachshund Having Fun in the Rain!
This video made me smile out loud! Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund takes a fun stroll in the rain with his new umbrella and rain jacket costume for a dachshund, hand-made by his Dad. Just goes to show that even a wiener dog can enjoy the rain sometimes!

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Andre Rieu - Christmas in London (Highlights)
As we approach that special time of year, Christmas, I am delighted to share the festive spirit from my 2015 Christmas Concert in London, which is available today on DVD! See link below video.

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Silly Willy Dogs Video Compilation 2016
From silly dogs playing with vegetables for the first time, confused dogs trying to eat windshield wipers, to dogs trying to fit in a kayak, these are just a few of the funny dogs in this video.

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Cole and Marmalade - 5 Crafts Fur Cat Owners
Purr-fect crafty stuff to make your cats happy! - Get to it cat servants :)

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Top 10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained
Welcome to Top10Archive! Anybody that's browsed the internet long enough can attest that cats can be some purr-ty strange creatures. In an effort to get to know our feline friends a litter better, we sunk our claws into some of their pawsitively odd behaviors and threw our findings into this cat-astrophic installment!

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