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Dogs Going NUTS After Bath Compilation
Dogs Going NUTS After Bath Do you ever feel energetic after taking a good long bath? These dogs do, and they'll show it! Rate, Share & Enjoy The Video!

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Crazy Contortionist Fits His Body Through a Tennis Racket!
We filmed this video with Richard Arhinful about a year ago while filming a show with Ovation TV. Due to the weather, we were forced to film this in a random hallway in the subway station in Taipei, Taiwan until we got kicked out by police. We filmed the rest of it at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial.

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Crusoe the Dachshund is the Best Garden Helper!
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is a great helper in the vegetable garden, and will dig the perfect hole wherever you point to. Need some holes dug for your garden, no problem, just give Crusoe the Dachshund a call and trust a dachshund to dig your garden holes.

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Mustard Seed Jewelry (Texas Country Reporter)
This artist creates jewelry using hundreds of tiny seeds and one big message. Marcie Finney Ditto Mustard Seed Jewelry Fort Worth, TX (Phone): 844-330-5668

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Funny Dachshund Moments Compilation
Added: 5th June 2017
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Tags dogs 101 pets funny dachshund hotdog compilation moments crazy

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