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When an elephant herd meet with the tractor driver
This is the amazing bond between baby elephant Kham La and Darrick. They are always looking for each other at the park. When Kham La sees him, she and her herd always run to say hi to him every morning even from a far distance at Elephant Nature Park. Learn more :

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Copy Cat - Simon's Cat
An inquisitive kitten learns how to cat. Watch Simon's Cat trying to fool the kitten in a game of Simon Says. Featuring the cat and the kitten in the cutest black and white animation yet!

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Who wins? This FUN video shows Didga and Boomer race through the house jumping over 3 hurdles at full running speed, even some slow motion over the hurdles really showing how graceful cats are.

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Check out our best videos of the month compilation featuring parkour, martial arts, gymnastics, slacklining, basketball trick shots, street luge and trampoline tricks.

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Boogie Dance Performance At Rock That Swing Festival 2017
Get your dancing shoes on and see if you can keep up with these outstanding dancers at the 2017 Rock That Swing Festival in Munich, Germany....
Added: 1st June 2017
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