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How to Remove a Ring Stuck on Finger - Life Hack
How to remove a stuck ring, life hacks, tight ring, wedding ring, finger, hack, trick, how to, stuck ring, ring on finger, tip, ribbon, dental floss

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A cat shares an incredible bond with a fellow farm resident. You won't believe how close they are!
Dakota and Sappy share an unusual animal friendship. Watch them play with each other on the farm in this heartwarming video. Awesome!
Added: 30th July 2016
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Sneaky Squirrel Goes for Exposed Nuts
While camping in Ontario, Canada, my mate left his mixed nuts on a table. He kept finding the lid off and accusing us of not replacing it until we set up the camera and caught the culprit.They are very smart, if you watch carefully you can see the animal scan the area prior to sticking the head into the container

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A New Day (Ernesto Cortazar)
With all that is going on in the world these days this video is a perfect reminder that life is so very precious. I am grateful that God has given us another day! May your day be filled with family, joy and happiness.

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Miniature Horse Is Becoming An Internet Star
Miniature Horse Suffering From Dwarfism Becomes Internet Star
Added: 29th July 2016
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Tags horse star miniature dwarfism

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