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coral colors.
Added: 7th October 2016
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Proof That Cats Are Basically Toddlers
Kids and cats, they're basically the same… examine the evidence for yourself and post your comments in the comment section below the video. Thanks fur watching!

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Bull-Leaping Is 100 Percent Insanity
We've all heard of bull riding and bullfighting. But bull-leaping? That's a whole new level of courage (craziness?). For Spaniard Jose Manuel Medina, however, bull-leaping, or "recorte," is an adrenaline-filled way of life. In recorte competitions, bull-leapers invite charging bulls toward them in order to evade the animals via side-steps, flips and acrobatic turns. A panel of judges scores their moves. Unlike bullfighting, no harm is done to the animals. Enter the ring ... if you dare.

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Baxter the dog's heartwarming story will melt your heart
He didn't always walk crooked, but when he made a mess on the floor his former owners beat him. One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is animals
Added: 6th October 2016
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Rescue cat "Didga" started out life in a shelter but ends up a World Record Holder! 'Most tricks by a cat in one minute'. IN this video she attempts to beat her own record. It's all in good fun, and helps bring more attention to rescuing animals from shelters.

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