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Friendly cat welcomes puppy to new home
Kushi the cat helps welcome this new foster puppy to the house. Kushi loves all the foster puppies and kittens that these people take in. Such a loving moment!
Added: 10th October 2016
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Heathens by Twenty One Pilots - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover
I've been wanting to cover this song for awhile and I finally sat down to record it this weekend!

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You Have NEVER Seen Anyone Play A Shovel Like This!
International touring and recording artist Justin Johnson has been hailed by Guitar World as a “must-see act”, dubbed “The Wizard” for his mastery of stringed instruments, and recognized as Slidestock International Slide Guitar Champion. He has earned endorsements from guitar builders around the world, published educational books on music theory and technique, and released a series of instructional DVDs. Now watch as he plays the shovel guitar

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In People Are Awesome’s first October Best of the Week compilation video we’ve got some amazing hula hooping skills, beach parkour, acrobatics, BMX freestyling, high dives and much more! Another round of the most incredible people!

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Baby finds Nintendo Wii absolutely hysterical
Get ready to crack up as 10-month-old baby Theo can't control his laughter when his dad swings his golf club for a game on Nintendo Wii. His laughter is so
Added: 9th October 2016
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