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Black Cat Swing by 15
Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17th! Please consider adopting a black cat! Black Cat Swing features 15 black cats! Our Black Cat Buddha would like to thank the 7 black cats from Voice For The Animals Foundation, Clyde from Cat Wisdom 101 and Black Cats Tell All, some of our black cat friends including, Sam, Luna Bell, Olive and Miss Kitty!

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Dodge Charger for sale and a field of project cars! | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 38
They told him that he couldn't find any more cars in Midland, Texas. This week, Tom Cotter hits the oil country highways to prove them wrong. Drawn in by the rusty bones of an old Torino, Tom investigates the pickings of a fellow car guy, among which is a 1972 Dodge Charger housing a 318-cubic-inch engine that, after some gentle prodding, slowly coughs to life. Cold calls come next, and soon Tom visits a woman who proudly imparts the history behind each hollowed-out shell in her yard, from an engine-less 1957 Thunderbird drag car to a VW Beetle with a Ford V-8. Touring through her garden of drag metal and classic iron, Tom turns up a McLaren Mustang convertible, the body of a 1963 Econoline Van, and a half-restored 1977 Chevy Blazer, each with a story-and a price.

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Dogs Eating Watermelon Is The Latest Internet Trend
The latest viral Internet trend is dogs eating watermelon. The sweet treat helps them cool down in the summer and is fun to watch.
Added: 16th August 2018
Views: 621
Tags INSIDER dogs internet trends watermelon dog eating watermelon

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ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Cute Baby Animals - Cute Animal Babies Videos 2018 || NEW
Cute baby animals that are adorable. Cute animal videos of animal babies being cute and funny. Watch these cute babies of animals in this cute baby animal videos compilation.

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Table for Guests and You're Invited!
Far off the beaten culinary path there's a most unlikely dinning establishment and a chief named Laurel Waters who for one day a week opens her kitchen to those in search of a fine gourmet world class five course meal. Join me today as we take a look inside... Laurel Waters 18956 N 187 Utopia, TX 78884

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