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Amazing Grandmas and Grandpas Video Compilation 2016 | Daily Heart Beat
A fun video compilation full of sweet grandparent moments.

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Sleepy Cat Gets Swarmed By Adorable Puppies
This has got to be the most patient cat of all time! This mama cat has all the patience in the world as she is literally hounded by a giant litter of energetic
Added: 3rd October 2016
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Butterfly takes over Koala Joey's Photoshoot and owns it like a BOSS!
What is cuter than a koala joey video? When a Butterfly decides to photobomb it of course. Meet Willow the most adorable little Koala Joey and her new best ...

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Golden Retriever puppy solves
Check out this DIY puzzle game for puppies! Puppies need to be physically and mentally challenged as apart of their growth and development. Tripp, a 4 month
Added: 3rd October 2016
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Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father and Fireman
Firetrucks, fire stations, even those cool poles that firefighters slide down - they all date back to colonial times and a certain founding father. Famous for his contributions to the U.S. Constitution, electricity and bifocals, it turns out that Benjamin Franklin also had an obsession with fire safety. Here's how he created another American institution.

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