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Beautiful Butterflies - relaxing music and nature sounds
Butterflies are one of natures most beautiful insects. Enjoy their beauty - including the Monarch butterfly - with relaxing music and the sounds of nature.

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The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ( Amazing Drum Show! )
Relax and enjoy this mesmerizing and entertaining music, highly coordinated marching, and outstanding performance of displays and exercises at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This years event will be held Aug 4 - Aug 26, 2017 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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Rock Climbing Bears
Mommas with children or cubs - don't try this at home! Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall.

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Mike Yung: Subway Singer Stuns Crowd with
He's been performing in the New York subways for 37 years, and now brings his incredible voice to the AGT stage with this iconic Righteous Brothers tune.

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The Wrenchmen | John's 1934 Dodge Hot Rod - Ep. 4
Matt and Davin tackle an engine problem that has sidelined John's 1934 Dodge hot rod pickup for almost 15 years.

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