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Extreme Piano Skills Astonish Passengers at the Station
Dr K and Ben Toury in a spectacular boogie woogie jam session at the St Pancras Station Pianos in London.

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It's Not About Stuff.... It's About What Makes You Happy!
In a time where things, gadgets and items have taken over our lives Bonnie & Dick Cain believe in that age old saying "Less is more". More time for nature, more time for fun and more time to enjoy life... Have you ever dreamed of a simpler life? Would love for you to post your thoughts and comments below the video.

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Chipmunk Genius Teaches Blue Jays Lefty-Loosey Righty-Tighty Lesson
The Albert Einstein of Chipmunks learns which way to turn a "nut" on a screw in five seconds flat - something some humans take a lifetime to learn! Real life cartoon episode like Mordecai and Rigby! Mr Chipmunk is a quick-study and schools the Blue Jays - who are rightfully confused - where is the peanut - how did he do that? They are some of the smartest cookies of the bird world, but lack the proper tools for tightening and untightening fasteners.

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Beautiful Garden Flowers – Melbourne And Oliver Scheit
This video is the compilation of beautiful floral displays at Gardens Melbourne and Oliver Scheit in Alsenz. The garden exhibits beautiful flowers and flowering plants such as hydrangeas, fuchsias bloom, begonias, gloxinias, poinsettias, cinerarias, cyclamens, calceolaria and other tropical plants.

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Baby Marmosets eating is too much!
How cute are our baby common marmosets as they are getting used to eating solid foods. Look at there hands and adorable faces. :-)

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