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NORWEGIAN WOOD - The Beatles (Harp Twins) Camille and Kennerly
It's been a long time since we posted a Beatles cover, and Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) seemed like a perfect start to our summer video line-up. We chose several beautiful and serene nature settings for our video locations and were thrilled that the birds were singing along with our music - very apropos as the original song is subtitled: "This Bird Has Flown". We especially loved seeing the bluebirds flying around and were able to capture a pair flying by in one of our shots. See if you can spot them in our video (they were flying so fast that we had to slow that video clip down to 25%). Although not simple, we wanted our arrangement to sound effortless, while giving it the feeling of a dance. Interestingly, Norwegian Wood was originally written in 12/8, which can have a feeling of 3/4 - the most common time signature of the waltz. Everything you hear in our arrangement is exactly how we perform it live with our 2 harps: no backing tracks, loops or overlays.

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Funniest Pets and Animals of the Week Compilation August 2018 | Funny Pet Videos
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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The Saddest Dog  - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
From a sad looking dog, super secret dance club, deep brain stimulation to a Discus Launch Glider, these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's video. Enjoy!
Added: 8th August 2018
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The Lucky Yellow Marble
Keep your eye on the yellow marble while it navigates a puzzling path of contraptions. In total I have about 300 failed recordings. This video took me about a month to make.
Added: 7th August 2018
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Tags marble run lucky rube goldberg magnets marbles

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Horse And Her Mom Saved Each Other's Lives
This Horse And Her Mom Saved Each Other's Lives | This woman has borderline personality disorder, and just being alive was a struggle before she adopted a neglected horse named Shay. Today on Soulmates, watch how Shay learned to trust with the help of her devoted mom - and gave her a reason to love every day they spend together.

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