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This Vibrating Bumblebee Unlocks a Flower's Hidden Treasure
Most flowering plants are more than willing to spread their pollen around. But some flowers hold out for just the right partner. Bumblebees and other buzz pollinators know just how to handle these stubborn flowers. They vibrate the blooms, shaking them until they give up the nutritious pollen.

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How can this cat be so relaxed...
Chaperone K9 offers highly trained family protection dogs, specialist in personal protection dogs and residential dog training throughout the UK and Europe.
Added: 20th July 2016
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Sleepy Pets Video Compilation 2016
From lazy puppies not wanting to get out of bed, to kittens falling asleep, these pets struggle to stay awake, in this sleepy pets video compilation.

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Mountain Bluebirds falling in love
This male Mountain Bluebird working hard scouting for a nest location, because female chooses her mate not by his looks but solely on how good the nesting cavity is. These guys found perfect nesting spot here. Bluebirds are monogamous birds, they mate for life.
Added: 20th July 2016
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How to peel a hard boiled egg in only seconds
Learn how to easily peel a hard-boiled egg in only seconds. All it requires is a glass filled with half an inch of water! Try it out yourself and let us know
Added: 19th July 2016
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