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Golden Retriever Dog Steals EVERYTHING In Sight - ARCHIE
Dog Steals Everything In Sight | This golden retriever is a criminal mastermind - but he keeps his mom laughing while he steals everything.

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LOST TAPE! I'll Bet You've NEVER Seen This Character Before! | JEFF DUNHAM
You're certainly familiar with Peanut, Walter, Achmed, Bubba J and Jose Jalapeno on a Steek and probably even Melvin the Super Hero, Sweet Daddy Dee, and Baby Seamus, but I bet you don't remember THIS "guy"! Characters have come and gone from my act over the years and in this Lost Tape you'll see a crowd favorite that hasn't hit the stage in decades! Check out this archived throwback of me and one of my furry friends in a comedy club appearance from the early 90's!

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Hot Rod and Boogie Dance Show # 29A
Hot Rod and Boogie Dance Show # 29A
Added: 2nd August 2018
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