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Barn Find Hunter | 12 Buildings FULL of Old Cars and an angry opossum
Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter has been hunting cars since he was 12 and has discovered more than his share of hidden gems. So when he says, "This is what dreams are made of," you can take it to the bank. What is your favorite car from this episode? Please let me know in the comments section below the video.

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The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life
No matter what you look like, we all have a skull. Knowing the power of that imagery, and borrowing inspiration from the iconography and artwork of Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations, Butch Locsin creates art that celebrates life, death and humanity. Based in Los Angeles, the performance artist uses larger-than-life skull masks and colorful smoke grenades to create powerful imagery set against a California backdrop. Now, he's found a collaborator in girlfriend and fellow artist Maria Perez. Together they're spreading the beauty and vibrancy of Mexican culture. Best viewed full screen in 1080p HD.

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Hilarious Dogs Making Funny Noises Compilation (2017)
Funny Dogs Making Weird and Funny Noises! Dogs making funny noises. Dogs with funny barks. Try not to laugh!

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The Cotton-Top Tamarin Hangs On for Survival
This little lady is a cotton-top tamarin at Boise Zoo. With the stocky build of something out of the Gremlins and the smooth locks of the frontman of an 80s hair band, she quite the stunner. At under a foot in length, cotton-top tamarins are some of the smallest primates in the world. Found deep in the forests of northwest Colombia, these guys are at turns altruistic and spiteful, known for their aggressive behavior between groups. Sadly rapid deforestation has seen their wild population drop by 80 percent over the past three generations.

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