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Breed All About It! | Cute Dachshund Videos
This is why I love dachshunds! Their tiny legs and adorable faces are all I need to put a smile on my face! Check out these cute dachshund videos.

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People are Awesome - Best Videos of the Month! (September 2017)
There's still a lot of awesome in the world! We've got basketball and soccer trick shots, freestyle skating, hooping, fitness and strength training, jump rope fitness, and a cyclist conquering Lion's Back!

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Totality - Solar Eclipse 2017 8K
See the 2017 Solar Eclipse in timelapse and realtime video! Uploaded here in 4K. Available in 8K for licensing.

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The Jaw-Dropping Art of Bull-Leaping
We've all heard of bull riding and bullfighting. But bull-leaping? That's a whole new level of courage (craziness?). For Spaniard Josa Manuel Medina, however, bull-leaping, or "recorte," is an adrenaline-filled way of life. In recorte competitions, bull-leapers invite charging bulls toward them in order to evade the animals via side-steps, flips and acrobatic turns. A panel of judges scores their moves. Unlike bullfighting, no harm is done to the animals. Enter the ring ... if you dare.
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Cats Talking With Their Humans
Cats Talking With Their Humans | Funny Cats Yelling Compilation.

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